This blog is just a stream of Commodore 64 game coding help pages to try to explain in as simple as possible some of the concepts of assembly language programming on the C64.

This is not intended to be a experts guild but more of a total beginners introduction to how machine language operates and how to get the C64 to do some simple things to help people get up to speed.

Where possible I will try to draw on analogies with modern langauges and concepts but obviously some of them are stretching the point.

If there are any topics anyone wants me to cover please drop a comment, One thing I won't be touching on is music and sound as that's one area I'm not very proficient in.

The code snippets have all been written to work with the KickAss assembler but should be easily converted to any other format.

I'd also like to thank Shallan50k (twitch.tv/shallan50k) and John from old skool coder's youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtWfJHX6gZSOizZDbwmOrdg) for sharing their knowledge and passion for these old computer. Please give them a visit and check out their excellent content.

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